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EP series lithium Grease


EP series lithium Grease

WIN   EP series grease is a high performance general industrial grease.These hydroxy lithium stearate grease have super wear resistance, corrosion resistance and water resistance. They are divided into NLGI 00 and 3, and the viscosity of base oil is ISO VG 150 and 320.

The EP series 0, 1, 2, and 3 grease are suitable for most industrial applications, including heavy use of high unit pressure or impact loads. The grease has excellent resistance to corrosion and corrosion, as well as water flushing, and is especially suitable for equipment that is often in wet conditions. EP 0 and 1 are suitable for use in the centralized lubrication system.

EP 2 and 3 are general purpose grease. The recommended application temperature is in the range of -20 C to 130 degrees C, but if the frequency of adding grease is increased correspondingly, it can also be applied to higher temperature.