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What are the main applications of plasticizers in various fields? Application requirements

Plasticizers are a type of material additive that can reduce the viscosity of the melt,...

Differences between the Application of Small Molecular Plasticizers and Polymers in PVC

PVC products can be divided into hard products and soft products, of which hard PVC is mainly used to produce plastic steel doors and windows, pipes, plates, etc., …

Application of dioctyl ester plasticizer in coating products

Dioctyl ester plasticizer DOP is a widely used plasticizer product. The addition of plasticizer in the paint has a certain impact on many properties of the film…

[Propylene glycol supply] 1,3 propylene glycol has good effect as polyester plasticizer

1,3propanediol (1,3PDO) is a colorless, tasteless, transparent and viscous liquid, which is hygroscopic and miscible with water, a…

What role does plasticizer play in epoxy floor paint materials?

Epoxy floor paint is mainly composed of epoxy resin, curing agent, pigment, filler, solvent, auxiliary agent, etc.



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